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Aquila Oragnics Private limited offers a gamut of fragrance solutions for various categories owing to it’s extensive and ever evolving fragrance library actualized by emphasising on innovations and promoting ingenuity among our people. Thorough and continous market research, upgraded infrastructure and investing in our people has made it possible for us to relentlessly persue excellence, exceed customer expectation and continue growing as an organisation.
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With our offerings of Fine fragrances we aim to help our customers express their rich individuality. Our perfumers weave together their creativity and experience to transfigure ingredients into exsquisite fragrances. 
Our perfumers and the R&D team work in synergy to identify and bring forth Air Care Solutions consisting of both passive and active air fresheners, offering customers the means to uplift and customize their environment with appealing and unique fragrances as desired.
Our palette of Incense and Bakhoor fragrances have been specially curated by our perfumers to address key requirements of strength, diffusion and retentivity for use in flora and scented incense sticks, dhoop stick, coil incense etc.
The initial impressions of personal care products primarily come from the fragrance. Keeping this in mind, our perfumers design fragrances that are effective yet complimentary to the final product ensuring we meet the expectations of our modern customers.
Our team of expert perfumers formulate fragrances that add to the clean, fresh and hygienic feeling of the clothes, while ensuring that the fragrances linger post the wash cycle.
At AOPL, we understand and anticipate customers requirements, which is also the motivating factor for every solution we create. Our Home Care range offers unique and delightful fragrances for different products ranging from surface cleaners to bath & kitchen care items and everything in between.

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