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Aquila Organics Private Limited has recently moved to expand it's business  with the creation and manufacture of flavors, exclusively working on elevating and enhancing food experience. We offer customers a variety of flavor solutions for various applications ranging from confectionery products, baked goods, savoury foods to flavors for shisha amd mouthfreshners.
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AOPL has various flavour solutions in our flavor library including but not limited to fruity, chocolatey, creamy flavors and more for confectionery prodcuts like hard boiled candies, toffees, chocolates or jellies to name a few
Our offerings at AOPL include flavors for applications like Soft drinks, Dairy based products like smoothies & milkshakes, fruit juices and alcoholic beverages. To meet a specific need.
AOPL offers a range of savoury flavours like herbs & spices, nuts, condiments etc.,  for use in applications like snacks, soups, dressings, beverages and many more. 
We understand the cruicial requirements our customers have, and offer flavor solutions for different types of baked goods, be it to enhance existing flavors or to add a creative edge to your products, we have just the solutions you are looking for.
At AOPL, we create delicious flavours for Dairy applications like ice creams and smoothies, ranging from authentic Ethnic flavours like Saffron to international flavours that delight all.

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