Sustainability to us at Aquila Organics Private Limited means more than just maintaining the ecological balance. It is a way of life, and we believe, the need of the hour. We acknowledge our responsibility to the environment, our stakeholders, the economy and endeavor to recompense each aspect through sustainable activities conducted in the course of our business.
Adopting Ethical Business Practices has ensured that relations with all our stakeholders are long lasting and beneficial to either party.
To ensure we consistently manufacture high quality products, we source the finest ingredients indigenously while ensuring compliance to domestic and international regulatory guidelines.
At AOPL, we have implemented sustainable Waste Disposal practices to support ecological health. Being a part of the Aroma Chemicals industry, we have a considerable amount of liquid waste that needs to be treated before it can be disposed off. Under the Zero Liquid Waste policy, all the liquid waste is treated using the DDD process to convert it into solid salts, which are then disposed using appropriate local channels.
AOPL is also a member of the Mumbai Waste Management Ltd. which is a facility for the treatment, storage and Disposal of hazardous waste.
We believe in empowering individuals at AOPL and have under the CSR initiatives undertaken by the company, created opportunities and encouraged individuals from the community to join the company.

AOPL has also assisted the Gram Panchayat of the neighbouring village in the provision of water supply to the locals.
In light of the pandemic, the company took it upon itself to ensure the local families were assisted with adequate ration and sanitizers to tide them through the difficult time.